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Tank Trouble Game:

Tank Trouble is a tank shooter game which was designed by Danish Mads Purup. This is really an interesting game for people who love shooting game.

In this game, you will drive a tank; your mission is to avoid the bullet and destroy other tanks before being destroyed.

There are 3 modes for you in this game, including 1 player with Laika, 2 players, and 3 players. On one player with Laika mode, you will have to defeat a tank which drove by a dog named Laika. Although it is just a NPC, it isn’t an easy task for you to be the winner.

Remind you that, all the maps which you have to defeat in this game are like mazes. Moreover, when the tanks shoot bullets hit the wall of the maze, they will bounce off the walls continuously until they hit a tank. It means that until the match ends, you still have to dodge the bullets even you defeat all the opponents.

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How to play Tank Trouble?

With each player, they use the different button to control the game.

Controls of Tank Trouble 

  • Player 1 will use the buttons E-S-D-F to move the tank and button Q to shoot.
  • Player 2 use arrow keys to move and button Q to shoot.
  • And the player 3 use the mouse to move, left mouse to shoot.

Tank Trouble hacked, tips and tricks

  • Try to grab the special bullets when they appear.
  • Until the match ends, dodge the bullets even you defeat all of your opponents.
  • Estimate the direction of the bullet before shooting to make sure that you won't kill yourself.

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Tank Trouble Walkthrough

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